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 Types of Military Discharge

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Types of Military Discharge Empty
PostSubject: Types of Military Discharge   Types of Military Discharge I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 11:53 am


For, Leaving the unit on good terms, by your own will. Unit members that leave with an Honourable discharge will always be accepted back into the unit. Available only to Enlisted men, NCO's and CO's with a totally clean record.


For, going AWOL (after two weeks in the reserves you will be discharged), for less serious offences, or simply being released from the unit (After severing a sentence in MCTC or not.) . Candidates who are discharged may re-enlist to the unit after a cooling off period of 1 week, acceptance will be partly based on your record with us and your reasons for being discharged.

Dishonourable Discharge:

For, serious offences, or for failure to adhere to the rules of MCTC. Dishonourable discharges are not to be taken lightly details of them are sent to all other realism units, making your life within the community, very, very hard.


How apply for a discharge (Honourable or discharge)

Send a PM to Capt.Clark, filling in these questions.

Reasons for discharge:
Time served with the unit:
Promotions given:

Capt.Clark will then review your appeal and get back to you.


Types of Military Discharge CaptClark1

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Types of Military Discharge
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