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 Dishonourable discharge [51st]MCTC.Rimmer

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PostSubject: Dishonourable discharge [51st]MCTC.Rimmer   Sat Sep 05, 2009 4:51 pm

[51st]MCTC.Rimmer, you are to be Dishonourably discharged for breaking section 1 of the MCTC rules.

"1. You must attend training on the week/weeks of your sentence, otherwise it is an automatic dishonourable discharge."

On the day when you would have been granted appeal too. Its truly disgraceful behaviour.

No longer will you be a stain on this unit.

It is with great ease that I say this,

You are henceforth Dishonourably discharged from the 51st Highlanders, REMOVE your 51st tags immediately.



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Dishonourable discharge [51st]MCTC.Rimmer
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