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 Medieval 2: Total War MULTI-PLAYER CAMPAIGN Online???

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PostSubject: Medieval 2: Total War MULTI-PLAYER CAMPAIGN Online???   Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:53 pm

i noticed alot of 51st members ply Empire: Total War. personally i think it could of been better.
well anyway, was wondering how many here play Medieval 2: Total War??
simply because there is the Hot-seat Campaign feature, which with a simple add-on can be used to have LAN campaigns and then even over the internet using a VPN tool like Hamachi.
so thats MULTI-PLAYER campaigns guys. like the 1's that the total war team promised "very quickly" after release of Empire: Total War.
so if any1 interested in just trying this out at least?(i wanna c how well it works lol)
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Medieval 2: Total War MULTI-PLAYER CAMPAIGN Online???
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