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 Dishonourable Discharge

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PostSubject: Dishonourable Discharge   Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:19 am

[51st]Rct.Tappin, You are to be Dishonourably Discharged from the 51st Highland Division for, being AWOL, misconduct towards an Officer, demonstrating that you have a rather large problem with authority and a very bad attitude.

That kind of behaviour is not tolerated here, this isn't some kind of piss up, jump about TF2 'clan'. The fact that I gave you roughly 4 hours to apologise to me, if only for the sake of your friend Lcpl.Moody, and you didn't shows me that really you aren't fit for realism.

I say this with some regret,

You are henceforth Dishonourably discharged from the 51st Highlanders, REMOVE your 51st tags immediately.

You are not welcome to use our server.



Ernst Hoffmann "I am running a German realism unit not a creche"
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Dishonourable Discharge
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