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 Recommendation - Commendation awarded.

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PostSubject: Recommendation - Commendation awarded.   Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:19 pm

Your name:James McGarvey

Your rank:Corporal

Their name:Steve Moody

Their rank:Corporal

Proposed medal:Military medal

Description of them (Personality):A great marksman, able to take risks successfully, can be very brave and deals with pressure on the battlefield.

Description of their acts (In detail):Corporal moody under fire and surviving a barrage of high
explosive shells from the panzer 4 and hail of machine gun fire from his German foes. Corporal Moody picked up piat from his dead comrade and then managed to flanked the axis tank and damaged it. The tank cowardly fled but the brave corporal, under fire from an mg42 managed to get up despite the machine gunners efforts and before he died finished off what he started and blew up the axis tank before he was took out by the German machine gunner.

Where did this take place (Server):51st Highland Division
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PostSubject: Re: Recommendation - Commendation awarded.   Sun Oct 11, 2009 5:41 pm

Recommendation acknowledged.

Commendation awarded.

Commendation awarded: Military medal

The Cpl.'s outstanding gallantry resulted in an allied victory, if he had not given his life to take out the remaining panzer the battle would have been an overwhelming axis victory. It is, as such an honour to award him with a military medal for outstanding gallantry in the field.




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Recommendation - Commendation awarded.
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