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 Recommendation - Commendation awarded.

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Recommendation - Commendation awarded. Empty
PostSubject: Recommendation - Commendation awarded.   Recommendation - Commendation awarded. I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 9:43 am

Your name: George C Clark

Your rank: Captain

Their name: James McGarvey

Their rank: Corporal (At time of action, Private)

Proposed medal: Military medal

Description of them (Personality): A calm, level headed section leader, brave in battle he will often act without regard of his own safety to ensure the protection of others.

Description of their acts (In detail): The allied defence at Lutremange was holding firm despite constant attacks from the 12.SS at both the most northern and southern bridgehead. The Highlanders knew that to fall back to the relative safety of the towns just behind them would leave the bridgeheads open for the German panzers to cross and then encircle the towns. With this in mind the Highland commanders positioned their troops along the bridgeheads it was at these positions that they would either destroy the German offensive or themselves be crushed. Cpl.Moody was tasked with defending the southern bridgehead, under his command was a Pte.McGarvey, an experience and skilled .30 cal gunner, Cpl.Moody realised he was a top asset.

It was roughly 5-10 minutes later that the first SS troops were sighted oncoming to the southern bridge. A German halftrack was rapidly approaching the Southern bridge, as it stopped roughly 20 feet from the Bridge the SS soldiers disembarked and charged onto the southern bridge, Cpl.Moody had long since sighted the targets and was waiting until they were at a suitable range for the .30cal to open fire, as the first few SS soldiers reached the bridge Cpl.Moody ordered the Pte. to open fire on all targets of opportunity. The results were devastating, in under a minute Pte.McGarvey, had killed 5 SS soldiers including their Commander. These actions effectively drove the German forces into disarray and a Panzer was soon sighted on the northern bridge and quickly destroyed by allied tank support. The expert marksmanship of Pte.McGarvey resulted in an overwhelming allied victory.

Just over an hour later 12.SS troopers were seen on the far right on the ridge across from the Southwestern bridge, Cpl.Moody spotted these men and soon saw both an axis officer and an MG42 looking for any allied targets. The MG42 soon opened up on the dug in allied men, the muzzle flashes however only help the Cpl. to direct Pte.McGarvey's fire. Soon the Private had killed both the MG42 and its spotter. A few minutes after this action a halftrack laden with men charged again at the Southern most bridge, the Cpl. barely need to speak to the Private, he waited until they were within range then in a few burst destroyed the entire offensive alone. 7 confirmed kills. The remaining SS rifleman and the last of the German armour were then soon destroyed by an allied mechanised counter attack.

The actions of Pte.McGarvey that day resulted in 12 confirmed kills and the crushing of 2 German offensives.

Where did this take place (Server): 51st Highland Division

Commendation awarded: Mention in despatches

Recommendation - Commendation awarded. 125a-desp39-45



Recommendation - Commendation awarded. CaptClark1

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Recommendation - Commendation awarded.
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