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 Recommendation -

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PostSubject: Recommendation -   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:17 pm

Your name: G. William B. Wadsworth II

Your rank: Second Lieutenant

Their name: Tendil

Their rank: Recruit

Proposed medal: Mention in Dispatches

Description of them (Personality): Tendil is a fantastic solider with a calm head and a steady rifle, and always has the right idea.

Description of their acts (In detail): Rct.Tendil, While dug down in a muddy trench, was under a hail of gunfire coming from multiple sources. During this moment, he took four grenades, but did not falter for an instant. Rct.Tendil was able to keep a cool head, and was able to kill all four of his attackers, while still under heavy fire. Not only did he kill these members of the opposing faction, but the enemy Panzer IV followed this brave solider into the scope of Capt.Clark, who promptly decimated it with a barrage of Armor Piercing shells .Had it not been for Rct.Tendil's outstanding courage and skill with a Lee Enfield, the allies surely would have been decimated.

Where did this take place (Server): 51st Highland Division


"In war, it never matters who is right, only who is left" - Bertrand Russell
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PostSubject: Re: Recommendation -   Sun Oct 11, 2009 6:25 pm

Recommendation acknowledged.

Commendation will be awarded when the Rct. finishes basic training.




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Recommendation -
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